Noitom VR Lab Tokyo is the first 24 hour venue in Japan to offer its member the latest VR technology for research and development. Applications are open year round and members receive free access to our facility and equipment in addition to mentorship. Please contact us.


Discover the full line-up of Noitom's motion capture technologies in one place and experience what the future holds, today. From our small Perception Neuron suit to our large scale theme-park VR platform — Project Alice, the latest in MOCAP and VR technologies can be experienced in one place.


The Noitom VR lab is also a place to meet peers and share knowledge about the industry and its future. Seminars, meet-ups and hands on demos are just the beginning of what the center has to offer. Our partnership with SVVR also networks our members with the pinnacle of VR R&D in Silicon Valley.

Japan’s Comprehensive VR Hub

Immerse yourself in the cutting edge of VR and Motion Capture technology in the heart of tokyo.

The Noitom VR Lab is located in the heart of Tokyo’s tech hub – Odaiba. Our facility is housed inside the Mono Co-Working space located in the Telecom Center. In addition to the amenities offered by the VR Lab, the 24-hour location offers work space, prototyping workshop, meeting facilities and complete back office support.

Members of the Noitom VR lab gain access to the most complete library of VR equipment in Japan, along with work space, prototyping lab and .


We are thankful for all our friends who contribute to the growth of VR and for their financial and the technological assistance they provide to the lab.

Lab Equipment


VR Equipment

The Lab provides its users with the latest HMDs including HTC Vive, Oculus CV1, Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream, Microsoft Hololens (coming soon) as well as many other different types of mobile VR options.

MOCAP Equipment

A 5.5m x 5m Perception Alice Mocap arena anchors the lab and allows users to develop multi-player VR experiences with tracked objects. Also available are Perception Neuron full-body and hands mocap suits and wireless Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves (coming soon).

Computing Power

Our Lab offers workstations with the fastest GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD. In addition to workstations designed to support development for specific platforms like HTC Vive and Oculus CV1, we also have a selection of laptops and backpack PCs running GTX1070 GPUs for mobile high performance.

Want to find out more?

Project Showcase


NoitomVR Lab Japan incubates anywhere from 5 to 10 teams continuously throughout the year.
The Lab provides free access to VR technologies from industry leaders 24 hours a day and promotes completed projects at major events worldwide.

VR Cherry Blossoms

Game | Japan

The Revenge of Orochi

Game | Japan

Japanesque Virtual DJ

Japan | Music

Japuzzle Educational VR

Education | Japan

VR Comic Book Reader

Entertainment | Japan


Game | Japan


The NoitomVR Lab has two programs — the INCUBATOR and the ACCELERATOR.

The INCUBATOR program invites teams and individuals working in their free time on a VR project. Most of our INCUBATOR members were invited following our annual Japan VR Hackathon which brings in more than 500 participants each year for a 48 hour coding fest. The length of the INCUBATOR membership is usually 3 months — during which they must create a polished proof of concept VR experience.

The ACCELERATOR program focuses on providing logistics support to VR star-ups by giving them access to equipment, workspace and mentorship. With the help of partners we also guide them towards funding resources. ACCELERATOR members get full access to our space for a length of time based on their needs.

Community Building

We seek out the most promising talent in the industry by becoming a pole of the VR community.


Discovering Talent

Talent is identified and nurtured through our meet-ups and VR Hackathons.


Incubating & Accelerating

The VR Lab offers 24 hour access to equipment and counsel.


Market Exposure

VR Projects are promoted at public demo days, conferences and special events.


We Live for VR


The Noitom VR Lab is a hub for enterprise and creativity and our staff and mentors are here to help you reach your goals.

Takahashi Jona
Noitom VR Lab Mentor
Jona is the Noitom VR Lab Manager and UNITY JAPAN's Asset Store Manager as well as a VR advocate.
  • VR 100%
  • Unity 100%
Rock Nakajima
VP Marketing & Biz Dev
Rock is the VP of Marketing and Business Development for Noitom and a big supporter of the VR community.
  • Advocacy 100%
  • Community 100%
Karl Krantz
Founder SVVR
Co-founder of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality and mentor/consultant for the VR Lab.
  • VR 100%
  • Telepresence 100%
Tristan Dai
CTO & Founder Noitom
Tristan is the inventor or Perception Neuron and Project Alice.

Join US

June 23-25, 2017

June 30, 2017

July 2, 2017

CALLING ALL Coders, Programmers, Game Designers, Graphic Artists, 3D Modelers, Inventors, Makers and anyone interested in building the ultimate XR FOR HUMANITARIAN ACTION PROJECT.

More than 500 Participants

Over 500 coders from all walks of like will come together in 5 cities across Japan to build cutting edge VR experiences.

XR For Humanitarian Action

Working in Partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross we will explore projects that can help them in their global humanitarian mission.

XR Expo and Awards

Come and experience for yourself the top VR Projects created during the Exo at the Showcase and Awards show July 2.

A Global VR Event

Japan will welcome participants from around the world. Teams from the USA, China and South East Asia have made plans to attend attend the Hackathon.

Get an Invite for the Incubator

Selected hackthon projects will be invited to join the NoitomVR Lab incubator and accelerator program, a chance to fine tune their project and take it to market.


Coding is a universal language, but just in case we offer support during the Hackathon in English, Chinese, French and German. This is truly an international event! Make new friends!

Support the Hackathon

Sponsor Japan VR Hackathon 2017

Support the 2017 Japan VR Hackathon and promote your company to the elite of the Japanese VR Community.  We also welcome any sponsors who would like to support us with food, drinks and snacks – our coders need sustenance!


US$5,000Early Bird
  • $8,000 After May 31
  • Includes
  • 10x VIP Tickets to Showcase
  • Judging & Naming of Prize
  • 50min Educational Workshop
  • Table at Hackathon & Showcase
  • Mention during Announcements
  • Mention in Press Release
  • Logo on T-Shirt
  • Logo on Poster
  • Logo on Website
  • Logo on Promo Materials


US$3,000Early Bird
  • $5,000 After May 31
  • Includes
  • 5x VIP Tickets to Showcase
  • -
  • -
  • Table at Hackathon & Showcase
  • Mention during Announcements
  • Mention in Press Release
  • -
  • Logo on Poster
  • Logo on Website
  • Logo on Promo Materials


US$1,000Early Bird
  • $3,000 After May 31
  • Includes
  • 3x VIP Tickets to Showcase
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Mention during Announcements
  • Mention in Press Release
  • -
  • Logo on Poster
  • Logo on Website
  • Logo on Promo Materials


US$500Early Bird
  • $1,000 After May 31
  • Includes
  • 1x VIP Tickets to Showcase
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Mention during Announcements
  • Mention in Press Release
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  • Logo on Poster
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Be part of the VR Revolution join us now!

To receive more information about the Tokyo Noitom VR Lab or the 2017 Japan VR Hackathon, please fill out the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible.